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Executive Team

Paul Dzigas

As Controller of SMA Equities, LLC, Paul Dzigas is at the center of all decisions pertaining to investments, development, operations, management, and staffing. With close to four decades of experience overseeing a vast array of commercial and residential assets, he has the know-how, intuition and temperament instrumental in ensuing the stability and growth of an organization with properties across the U.S.

Prior to joining SMA Equities,

Mr. Dzigas spent more than 10 years as Controller of  Oldco Units, LLC, a New York-based investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management, and disposition of unsold shares in residential cooperatives. Before that, he worked with Realty Resource Capital Corp., syndicators of assets in East Coast markets such as Philadelphia and New York City.

For Paul Dzigas, who graduated Brooklyn College with a BS in accounting, real estate and finance have provided exciting challenges and great rewards throughout his adult life. A devoted family man with three children, it is no surprise that his son has followed in his footsteps as a real estate professional.

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